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I just lost to a player 440 points higher than me. Any suggestions?

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    on how i can study and improve my game? This was a 15 minute match with no incriment

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    The toungue-in-cheek suggestion is to not play people rated 440 points higher than you.  Wink

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    I no longer give White the chance to play a King's Indian after 1 c4.  1 ...e5 is just fine for Black - no, you don't have to transpose into a "Sicilian Reversed" line.  1 c4 e5  2 Nc3 Nc6  3 g3 g6  4 Bg2 Bg7 5 d3 d6 6 Nf3 and now Black can choose between the solid ...Nf6, the aggressive ...f5, or hedge his bets with ...Nge7.  White has nothing, basically.

    No measurable space advantage with a central d4-d5, no Queenside advantage, no nothing.


    The way you played seems okay until ...Bg4.  There isn't really a point, of course White plays Qd3, a strong and useful move.  Instead, just ...Bh3 and trade the LSBs if you are determined to attack the King, and why invest all those moves with ...Qd8-a5-h5 etc. if you aren't attacking. 

    Once White plays 1 c4, there should be no question of allowing him to transpose back into a 1 d4 line where he has reasonable chances of creating an advantage. 


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