I just started playing this year at the age of 30, is it too late to get good?

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    oogie boogie i like what you say about endgames and i need to learn more, is there an equivalence to nunn's and mullers available through chess.com tactics trainer or computer workout that you advise? i will look at the titles but i am new to chess.com and am processing (and truly enjoying) the many things available. thank you...

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    Convekta's Total Chess Ending, but it's all problems without explaining the how and why of books.  

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    You'll definately need endgame studies. I cant tell you how many times I lose a game being 1-2 pawns up and cant promote or win the game. If I actually knew what "triangulation" was at the time it would have seemed like a no-brainer.

    R + P endgames I can blunder a lot too. lol

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