I need a coach? Anyone up?


It's funny how chillimao himself coaches students but doesn't want curry to coach.

Daddy_Chillimao wrote:


you can self taught from 100 elo to 1200s in rapid

I am self taught from beginning to 2000. I am an adult improver.



If you want to post one game here that you think is representative of your play I'll go through it and do an analysis and commentary. It may take me a couple of days to get it done, as I'll be doing it in my spare time.

I'd pick maybe a longer game, a game where you've had plenty of time to think (maybe daily) and one where you lost.

I can possibly help you with some tactics?
@daddy_chillimao go and see how infrequently I play blitz lmao I’ve spoken before on why I don’t play the short format games so much (basically it doesn’t mesh particularly well with the way my brain and it’s neurodivergencies work). I’m currently playing bullet again to challenge myself and my brain but am facing the same challenges.

Please judge me only on my rapid or my OTB rating.

With that in mind, and with absolutely no offence intended, please don’t deem to tell other site users whether they are competent enough to coach (especially if you are lower rated than them). Let our potential students make that judgement for themselves. I have several paid students who (I’m sure) could attest the quality of my services.
Save your breath guy’s, Hayley has gone ! 🤷‍♂️

There are many GM coaches who will teach you for free. You'll find them in your public library...


Just practice you will be good or else you watch YouTube