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I need some online Khet oppoents. Interested?

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    I've been going around, looking for people to play Khet with online. To my surprise, no one has even heard of Khet, let alone played it. Is is very similar to chess, yet different enough to certainly be its own game. Anyone who likes chess will love Khet.


    In Khet, you take out your opponent's pieces with a laser. Many of your pieces are mirrors (two types). They can be both moved and rotated to redirect the laser beam. The objective is to take out your opponent's Pharoah (king).


    Khet is a board game. The physical board game is much more common, but there is a downloadable PC version, which you can play both a computer and online. There are actually three different starting configurations to choose from. Unlike chess, not only is your opponent a threat, but you are also a threat to yourself. You can take out your own pieces, and you can even kill your own pharoah and lose the game hahaha.


    It is hella fun. Unfortunately, it does cost $10. Yeah, sucks, I know. But that's kind of a given for such a recent game, rather than chess which has been around for ages. I feel like such a spammer, trying to get someone to buy something. Honest-to-God: I'm just looking for someone to play. It's well worth buying it (especially since you can also play the computer). I'll give the link if you're interested, and let me know. I will also be more than happy to teach you how to play.



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    Khet +1 anyday, anytime, anywhere

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            I never heard of or ever played  this imaginary game of yours.However I do like khetchup!

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    Perhaps he is the programmer of khet trying to solicit purchases from chess.com. Curious indeed!

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    Sure. I'll play.  send me a friend request


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    I'm not purchasing but to any readers, khet really is a great game. 

    I've only ever played OTB - am trying to find a free online version XD


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