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I play better when I listen to Mozart

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    i crossed over a song on the radio the other day in the car. I thought it was mozart - it was great ! then the singing started and i felt, well...but it was still realy good. i think it was called "martha" by the beatles. anyway, It put me in a good mood because traffic was bad....and yes, something's get better with music on - if you know what i mean ! 

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    @Indian1960 ,

    Was it this song ?


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    pfren wrote:

    Ummm, I have heard countless interpretations of Bach's cello suites in all kinds of instruments- including viola da gamba, and double bass.

    Pierre Fournier's interpretation is by far the most accurate, lovely, danceable I have heard (just remember- those solo pieces were actually written as dance/lounge pieces!). Absolute magic.

    Rostropovich is a rather distant second, and Janos Starker (he left us a few months ago) is technically perfect, but a tad dry, sentimentally-wise.

    How could I forget Fournier?Embarassed I agree, it is breathtaking but there is something in the way Jacqueline plays that always grabs me by the throat. It could be just me, I don't know, but it feels like she knew there wasn't much time to do what she had to do. Like a layer of pain, if I can describe it like that, something you can't really define. It's hard to explain.

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    ok.....its monday.....i burnt my pastry this morning.....and now you found that one song to lift me up....Thank You Pelli ! ( I think i'll play it again now !)

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    @Indian1960 ,

    I'm guessing it's the piano part (classical) you like in Martha.

    This also has such an intro :


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    @Ron-Weasley :

    I like to read a good book while I play chess. Preferably Shakespeare or sometimes a Donald Duck will do . Recently I lost a game reading Homer (Greece)  because I missed a check during the bathroom scene , but what the heck , you can't have it all.

    Instead of providing reduntant information about your highly developed and delicate taste of music , you could simply have asked : Is it legal to have a headphone on my head when playing chess in an OTB tournament ?

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    ..... aaaahhhhtssssjjuuuuu ...

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    i play better when i listen to... pfren Wink

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    and Pelly ? I listened to Frank Zapper. He's, uh, interesting to say it mildly. Kind of all over the place....like "whats coming next ?"

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    indian1960 schreef:

    and Pelly ? I listened to Frank Zapper. He's, uh, interesting to say it mildly. Kind of all over the place....like "whats coming next ?"

    Well 'scuse me ma'am , name's Zappa ....  Frank Zappa ma'am ......

    Yes , he is unpredictable , that's what I like about him. And the music , oh the music and the lyrics. He is considered to be one of the best composers of the 20th century.


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