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I played Online Chess and won once, why am I still an 'unrated' player?

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    What do I have to do to get a rating on 'Online Chess'? Is there a link that I might have clicked to play 'unrated' games? I already played it twice, but I didn't get a rating either times. Please help. :/Frown

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    In my 'finished games' - it said I had a rating of 1088, but on my profile, it says I'm unrated? Is there an error or something? I'm really confused. Please help me.

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    They were both rated games, I don't think there were enough moves played in at least one of the games, ratings wont change until the 4th move, so your win doesn't count towards your rating.

    I just looked and someone said you must win a rated game for your rating to show, that may be the case, I'm not sure. But if so it will be 'hidden' until then.

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    It takes a few games, I don't know how many, but about 5 or something, until you get your rating. Also, yeah they have to be over 3 moves long to affect rating.

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    I also sas that you played two online (correspondence) and three live10|0  games. Note that the system keeps track of five independent ratings for you (960, online, plus standard/blitz/bullet live). So you might have a rating in one category but not in the others yet.

    Edit: people have reported that in live chess, when you mouse over your name it shows blitz rating (as opposed to standard), so you are unrated there - maybe that's what you're seeing.

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    Thanks a lot, everyone. Smile

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    No worries, you should have a rating soon thanks to your game vs Pascal Wink

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    Scottrf wrote:

    No worries, you should have a rating soon thanks to your game vs Pascal

    lol. I didn't know you looked at the game. Smile Thanks a lot. 

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    No problem, glad to help! Cool

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    WE should play a game madam


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