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I started my trial, but i still see only demos of videos.

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    Hi like in subject i will be grateful for help i mean exactly those two (i do not want to try new and have them markt as watched): Chess Opening: Defenses To 1.e4 - https://www.chess.com/video/player/every-chess-opening-defenses-to-1-e4 Other is first video from tactics from study plan i can only watch 8m of it still even on diamond plan. i even try to go to full libary and search them there but unfortunately it's same story. thanks for help and wish You best.
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    Hi, thanks for anwser GN but unfortunettly it doesn't.

    Im already home and i decide to check how it looks on my browser and it works fine so it looks like the glitch occurs in mobile app. Which in a moment i will notificate in help subject for owners to know.


    Thanks and have a great weekend.

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    BTW GM GN could look pretty sweet in the future. grin.png Cheers

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    Log out of the app and back in.

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    Tried that moment ago, does not help.

    And even watch two videos from that time on PC i still got only demos on app.

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    Which app are you on? You might uninstall/reinstall but it really shouldn't need that.

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    Hi, im on android. Reinstalation solve the problem. Cheers.


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