I stuck at 1200-1300 elo how do i get 1800+??

any advices?

I advise you to go for 1400 through 1700 before 1800+


Ok, slightly more serious answer...

Work on your weakest area, and work on forming good calculation habits.

By "calculation habits" I mean try to find all the checks, captures, and threats in every position. Even beginners do it sometimes, but your goal is to do it for 100% of your moves in 100% of your games, and that kind of habit takes a long time to build.

Make sure the games you play have a time control that's long enough for you to practice this.


Many cheated don't worry about the raiting


I've written several posts aimed at helping players like you who might not be able to afford a coach. Here are some links to those posts:

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I hope you find these resources helpful in your chess journey. If you ever feel like you'd benefit from personalized coaching, feel free to reach out to me. Keep up the good work and remember, every game is a learning opportunity!