i wonder if...


i've alwayas been intrigued by the computer analisys of a game, innacuracies and mistakes. seeing my games analised (which aren't aything extraordinary), i couldn't help myself from asking: if this were a Tal game, would the computer announce in the same way: "a mistake- you went from roughly equal to a losing position", or whatever texts they have.

what do you think?


computer would analyse it like that, game is equal, now Tal sacrefices and as usual it's a wrong sacrefice,a good move, another good one, that's a winning one, Tal wins D:


The computer doesn't consider how tough defensive moves are to find, so if the objective evaluation changes negatively it would call it an error even if practically it may be a good choice.

It's the same with simplification into easily winning endgames - can still be called mistakes.


Hey smthsmth.  For the sake of entertainment I have run Shredder analysis on some Kasparov's, Karpov's, Anand's, and Kramnik's games.  You will be surprised when you try yourself.  Cheers.