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If i see another GM hang his QUEEN ???

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    OK so my heroes are playing 5/0 blitz , But this is happening not in some Mad endgame time scramble but in the MIDDLEGAME with 3 or 4 minutes on the clock ! I saw one yesterday and it happened again today ( ICC). Don't get me wrong these guys are simply amazing to watch 99.9% of the time. But this is about that .1% thats Hanging Queens right before my very eyes, damn PATZERS !!  Tongue out

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    Blitz is evil

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    Kingpatzer wrote:

    Blitz is evil

    I have to play at least a 15/0 otherwise my games make NO chess sense Smile ! I am to the point now that i refuse to play it because for me it is just a waste of time. But the GM's have turned it into an art form, the speed and clarity along with some of the complexity they display in that short time frame is incredible. It is pleasing to know that even the big boys lose concentration  from time to time just like the rest of us !   Cool


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