I'm horribly bad at endgame. Please help...

Prashant_1947 wrote:
IMBacon wrote:

i checked that position on stockfish and yes , you are right i was at an advantage. i played against lvl 5 and won. but i was just mindlessly moving in real endgames. theyre kinda boring compared to opening and middlegame. I guess i have to work a lot on endgame strategy...


Endgames can be very rich and exciting. Amazing things often happen in the endgame.


almost everything that was said is good advice and your play isn't bad imo. I will just add a small very important piece of advice:


at the beginning of the endgame, never underestimate the power of advanced/passed/connected/pawns_in_general yours or your opponents. imo, that is much more important even than king activity. It is the most important thing when the endgame starts. Which pawns are scary close to promote (because they are passed or advanced or connected or are in a majority) and which pawns of yours can do the same? Can a side promote first? Usually, I play pretty good in endgames, even with very few secs left, but I have lost many games because of this. I have lost many games, because I underestimated the opponents pawns and their potential to promote. I have lost many games caring about my King's activity and restraining the opponents King's activity, while forgetting that.   


Another piece of advice I can give: learn king and pawn endgames first. All other endgames can simplify down into a king and pawn endgame (unless all the pawns get traded), so it's important to be able to evaluate these positions and know whether or not to trade down. For instance, with White to move in the below diagram, if you can't tell at a glance if it's safe to trade rooks, your endgame needs a lot of work.