I’m stuck in a loosing streak

Of my last few games I’ve won three lost 7. I always make some rediculously stupid mistake. What should I do?
From what I see, some of those games have been early resignations. One you resigned on move 19 when your opponent had a 2 point advantage. Maybe try to play out more games instead of resigning early.
I also saw one game you resigned early when you had a 1 point advantage and I saw you resigned a game after 6 moves. Almost none of your recent losses are from checkmate, all resignations.

Losing streaks are normal. I once lost 10 in a row and bounced back and won 10 in row but that was my fault; I was drunk. So now I don’t drink and chess lol.

Space Podz made a good point. Sometimes you have to grind out your opponent and let him convert his win. I’ve had  handful of games yesterday were I should of concerted the win; oh I needed those ELO points. I also started declining draws where I can convert an end game position.

Lastly, I prefer to look at win percentage of 50% or higher as a measuring stick.

I also should add I get extremely stressed and angry when I can’t find the move. I don’t know how to stop getting stressed when I play

Loosing streaks are normal. Just as the poster above said, and yeah, try not to resign too early because it's amazing what your opponent can miss. To rehash, they are normal. Even Grandmasters suffer the loosing streak phenomenon. Judit Polgar herself once said, "it's never fun loosing one game after another," but you should get up and try again. 

I am confused tho, why did you resign with a one point advantage early on? I get being frustrated, but how would that frustrate you?
saintbenidict1 wrote:
Of my last few games I’ve won three lost 7. I always make some rediculously stupid mistake. What should I do?

just take a break

it works most of the time


I would suggest three things: 1) don't resign unless it is an absolutely hopeless case, 2) think through every move twice (at least) before making your move and don't be in a hurry, so as to avoid making ridiculous mistakes, and 3) play more chess, so you have more experience and more knowledge of what works.

Spacepodz that game I resigned because I had an emergency at home. But all the others were because I made a mistake and didn’t play through it

It's very natural to lose several games in a row. It happens to me all the time, and will happen to everyone. If you lose a few games and feel like it's not your day, just take a break from live chess for the day and do some puzzles happy.png

Here's my profile in case you need to check who you're getting advice from:

Oh ok that makes sense. I was looking to see if you had a bad position or something but didn’t see much wrong, so I was confused.

Take a break. I was down more than a 100 points twice and after i took a break i immediately bounced back with a winning streak.


Take a break. I was down 100 points twice but i immediately bounced back and gained points to boot. One of those times was when i hit my all time winning streak of 15


You don't need to necessarily take a break. You could switch to unrated games and practice your openings and skills while not losing any more rating points. That said, you could also play against a computer.