Importance of being your self in chess


If you try to immitate someone`s elses emotional attitude when you play long or any format of chess like I did for some time you will not have any joy from chess. The game would feel mechanical and you would feel just like an instrument. Let me give you some concrete examples of what I am talking about here. Look at the face and bodylanguage of Aronian - detached from aggressive emotions. Actually Aronian said that for him chess is a fairytale. Look at Kasparov or Gelfand or Kamsky- fighters. If you are a fighter by your nature and try to immitate Aronian the game will feel mechanical. You will perhaps feel calm but you will not have joy from the game and will be far from playing your best. As a fighter by nature I tried to immitate players like Aronian in order to not get overexcited during the game. But excitement has both sides. It`s all about balance. After getting reed of not being my self during chess(actually it effected a bit life too) I found surprising to my self imaginational moves that I made and how much I enjoyed mathematically lost positions!


Do you mean you studied Aronian's physical behaviour when he plays, and then mimicked it? Maybe you're an actor, instead of a fighter?