impossible de jouer depuis deux jours quel est le problème ???

Impossible de jouer depuis deux jours quel est le problème ???

Some members on the iOS app are having problems. Staff is working on it.


I guess he can pass without your valuable help, anyway.


Translation: For two days now it has been impossible to play, what's the problem?

I would answer them, but I don't speak (very good) French. Anyone does could answer them.

This is a crazy issue, but here is the explanation:

The reason that some iOS devices are unable to connect to live chess games is because of a limit in 32bit devices which cannot handle gameIDs above 2,147,483,647. So, literally, once we hit more than 2 billion games, older iOS devices fail to interpret that number! This was obviously an unforeseen bug that was nearly impossible to anticipate and we apologize for the frustration. We are currently working on a fix and should have it resolved within 48 hours.




La raison est certains telephones iOS sont incapables de se connecter à des jeux d'échecs en direct est due à une limite dans les appareils 32 bits qui ne peuvent pas gérer les ID de jeu au-dessus de 2.147.483.647. Alors, littéralement, une fois que nous avons frappé plus de 2 milliards de jeux, les plus agee telephones iOS n'arrivent pas à interpréter ce chiffre!


  The OOoold  2 point 147, 483, 647 trick. meh.png

Thx for the xplanation, merci de nous avoir expliqué la raison

It doesn't explain why it worked fine before? The last 3 days no live chess! But I can play the computer? What is the difference? 

Okay, your question-(sorry about my outburst)

-why it worked before?
Because there was not 2,000,000 games or whatever, and so the IPad could cope.

Can play the computer-

I don't know. But obviously it is a different software for matches agaisnt a computer, how is this question even reliant?

Or, if you meant how come you can play fine on your computer-

It is not an old IOS device, and so dosen't have this problem- full stop.

Congratulations on serving up 2^31 games happy.png


does need help developing a new app with possibilities to count more than 2^31 games.. for iOS? :) 


@kimzzxx FASHION CLOUD would need some coding help happy.png


Je ne peux plus jouer non plus. J'ai bien compris la cause. Mais pas la solution!??

CrazyTrain1 wrote:

It doesn't explain why it worked fine before? The last 3 days no live chess! But I can play the computer? What is the difference? 


Games in Live have ID numbers associated with them. Here is your last bullet game: that number appear to be the issue, though if that is the case and you are also having the problem it might be a little more nuanced than that, since that is larger than a 32-bit number already.

The play vs computer doesn't generate a game ID.

I posted yesterday in an other thread of chess not working on iphone7 or ipad2.

To me it seems the real issue might still not be identified if an issue which concerns older devices has been identified. Or my iphone7 has a seperate seemingly similar issue.

The issue persists on iphone7 and ipad2. I just tried. Also now tried restarting iphone, but it didn't help.

"Iphone7: ios 10.3.2 (14F89), model MN952FS/A, capacity 124.33 Gb, available 92.11 Gb
Any more specific details needed? I think IMEI or phone model would be personal.

App works until loading screen. Loading screen rolls for some time and suddenly just kills the app to the background.

Ipad2: iOs 9.3.5 (13G36), model NC773KS/A, capacity 12.9 Gb, available 867 Mb

App works, game opens into loading screen and the loading screen can have the loading icon for over 10 min. No game loads. Worked perfect about 12 hours ago."

 is equal to 2^31

A clue to the problem.  Google it for an technical and full explanation.

Has to do with what is called the "sign bit" or something like that.

In other words, too many people have been playing Chess at, so we are all to blame when we play a game. LOL