In chess, why does white go first?


My curiosity lead me to this question.

Please comment if know you the reason or any info. regarding this topic..


Because someone has to.

I believe black used to go first until the middle ages when it changed, I’ve also heard players simply chose until the first international chess bodies decided that one play should go first and chose white.
Also post 2.

There was a vote on about 5 years ago on who should move first and White won. Sorry you missed the vote.


If I remember correctly, Staunton proposed that White always move first.

Oh yeah I remember that too. I was the guy in the back of the room.
Actually, there are records, letters, etc, showing that it was discussed on and off for years. Up until the late 1800s it was common for the first move being played by white or black, including the great international tournament of 1851. The first recorded rule requiring White to move first, I believe, was the rules handbook of the New York 1880 tournament. Later in 1889, world champion Steinitz advocated this as a standard.

white goes first because white is better than black


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white is better than black 

they start with 0.3 advantage lol

white wins more too

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In the game of go, black plays first, unless it is a handicapped game. But in anciant times white played first. I wonder why.


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Actually, the pieces weren't white. There was no true white as they banned killing elephants like they do cows in India, no ivory. What happened was it was a rainy day and they were trying to play chess outside. All the pieces got muddy brown from the dirt being mixed with rain.


Since they were playing with marble pieces, after the rain washed all the dirt away what you got was a shiny surface on the pieces. When they woke up (which was the founding of adjournment, Fischer should be thankful for that), they forgot who had the next move.


So, they decided that the shiniest colored piece should go first since it was daytime. Nighttime, the black pieces, would be used for more unconscious thinking like in your sleep.


Yes chess should not even be turn based.  That way no one can complain about the opponent wasting their time.


Srinibas_Masanta wrote:

My curiosity lead me to this question.

Please comment if know you the reason or any info. regarding this topic..

because chess was invented in india and turbans are white, they decided on white because poop isnt.


Copied from "quora":

The story I heard, was in the past, they chose for both color and to see who moved first.  Then at some point, it became customary and later a rule for white to move first.  Supposedly black is the lucky color, and they said it would be too much of an advantage for a player to have the lucky color (black) AND move first!


I've heard this too, about the Black pieces being lucky


 "I've heard this too, about the Black pieces being lucky"


Dred Scott might disagree.


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