injustice in the simultaneous vrs GM Hikaru Nakamura!!!


Today, i played in the simul of between GM Hikaru Nakamura against 77 people, at a time rate of 60 min + 45 seconds per move.
In the middle game I felt at a disadvantage, he was better in position, but then on move 33 he made a serious mistake, he left the bishop.
Then, with an extra piece, I ASK FOR DRAWN because I thought I was going to make a mistake in the end and I wanted to secure the half point.
He does not accept them and continues playing, then with a detrimental advantage, misfortune comes! the system does not let me finish the game in a position where I checkmate him in 4 moves.
I formally accuse Hikaru Nakamura and his assistant IM Levy Rozman (Gotham Chess) of being power abuser and arrogant .
This website can carefully analyze my game and you will see that the one who played was a human.
It's not fair that Nakamura thinks he's invincible and accuses me of being a cheater without any foundation.

I don´t want to play anymore at this page, this page is unfair and a big piece of...*** you know.


In my book you won


You won Julio !


Pretty bad. Does not look like cheating at all. Hikaru is slowly turning into a villain 

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