Interactive Chess Board - Mobile Java App?


Hi guys,

As the title says, I'm looking for a Java application for an Interactive Chess board on my mobile phone.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of such an app with the following criteria:

- Touchscreen-compatible

- Can take back moves

- Can set up a position (preferred)

- Can save current position so that you can say, turn off the phone, turn it back on, and continue from where you left off last (preferred)


Not sure if there's such an application, but maybe I'm just not tech-savvy enough. Thanks in advance. :)


Im looking for this too


You can try this I don't know how it goes with touch screen, but all the other features are present.


@suessola: Thanks! I’ll look into it. :)

Pikachulord6 wrote:

@suessola: Thanks! I’ll look into it. :)

Not at all! There isn't documentation, but pressing '9' displays the menu and the help.