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    Does anyone have any suggestions for iPhone apps that will help improve my chess? I have Shredder, Chess Camp and Chess University, Solitaire Chess (It says it improves your chess, but I don't really believe that; I just got it b/c it looked fun), and of course the chess.com app. Did I miss anything good?


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    i haven't found any so far. most are either horribly overpriced or useless...

    let me know if you find anything though!

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    Still waiting for interactive chess books on iPad...
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    I have: Chess Pro which is very cheap £2.99, more for studying really, you can also get TWIC as a download free and depending which version of the i-phone you have, you can get a Chessbase app for£2.99 also I think.

    I hope this is some use.

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    First of all, I of course use the chess.com app to play online, watch some videos and do some tactics training.

    For tactics training, I have found an excellent app that's simply called "Tactics trainer". This has lots of tactics problem that are untimed. Many strong players seem to agree that solving problems untimed is better for progress, and this app lets me do that while giving me a rating and having some 30,000 problems or so. I use this more than the chess.com app for tactics training.

    I use tChess Pro as my main app for engine related duties such as playing the computer, analyzing games, playing out specific positions etc. Setting up a position is really quick in this program compared to Shredder, so this is my main app for engine-related duties.

    Shredder is, in my opinion, inferior to tChess Pro in everything except for that it has access to endgame tablebases. When I need to consult these, I use Shredder. The Shredder app is expensive, and tChess isn't free either, so if you have to choose one of them, pick Shredder if you need the tablebases capability and tChess Pro if you don't.

    For playing against others on FICS I use iChess Pack. I have tried other apps that let me play on FICS, but this is the one I consider have the smoothest interface, with options to send the game via e-mail after it's done (so that I can analyze it in another app or on my computer).

    For database queries and to look up master games, I use the chessbase app. TWICs also have a great app in three parts for this, but I don't believe you can see move statistics (like game explorer here on chess.com) in it, which is why I mostly use chessbase.

    Lastly, I use chess viewer from everyman to view pgn files in which the games have variations and annotations. tChess pro and shredder cannot display variations and annotations. This is good to study home made (or bought?) repetoire files.


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