Is safe for teens?


Is safe for teens?


It is safer than most internet sites.  As a parent I would have no issues with my kids being here.  (Ages 11, 12 and 14)


Yeap, I would say it is also safe.  I have heard of questionable advertising, but if you buy them a membership all the ads go away.


Its as safe as any online community.  Anything can still happen simply because its online but I doubt that this is on the list of sites a predator would go to look for teenagers.


I don't see why not. You aren't required to put your personal info in your profile, so as with any other site out there it's purely based on whether your teen is smart enough to use the internet safely. I couldn't say on ads... I haven't seen one in about 2 years thanks to Firefox and Adblock Plus.


I would say this is an exceptionally safe place for teenagers. It is made up of people who love chess. However, it is an internet site so there is anonymous personality aspect to it. I deal with a great deal of teenagers on my band site and what I tell them is this: If you're dealing with someone you don't know, do not get too personal with them. Common sense says don't give out personal contact information. Keep conversation about the subject at hand, in this case chess. Common sense is the safeguard when it comes to any internet site.

Its as safe as any internet site can be! however it IS still a site on the internet, so its always good to be cautious! I wouldn't have a problem with my 11yr old son joining this site if he liked chess. but i WOULD keep tabs on who he was talking to.

I wouldn't be so much worried about us teens, we have the odd braincell floating around to tell us whats dodge and whats not - but as for the 10's and unders I would monitor them fellas. Especially in places like live chess you don't know who you're gonna come across - the mods are excellent but can't be everywhere at once!

For online chess restrictions can be placed on kids profiles and stuff in the settings preventing just anyone posting to them and stuff - but I would consider online fine really. Just the live to watch out for.


I'm 17 and I've found this site to be extremely welcoming and friendly, especially all the elderly chess players asking me to come over to their house and play some weird version of chess called strip dancing with them. Kidding..all jokes aside, this site would earn a PG rating, if you can use the internet, this site is a safe place to go.


i am also seventeen, and this site has been really good from what I have seen.

oxydizer wrote:

Yeap, I would say it is also safe.  I have heard of questionable advertising, but if you buy them a membership all the ads go away.

if you have firefox you can actually block all ads on the internet (for the most part)


I agree with LOB, just watch the live chess.  There are also the poor losers that swear at you and degrade you, i guess just put up with it?


I certaintly think so, being 15 myself, I've found some very friendly and fantastic players, though I have encountered some not so friendly but no site is without those.


I think it's 100% safe because I've had NO problems yet!



i'd rather see my kid on chess than

myspace, facebook, blogstuff...


I've found this site about as safe as any internet site can be. (Age 16)


I've had one "encounter" with an unsavory fellow who wanted to chat about inappropriate things...I would suggest not allowing him/her to post photos and not posting ANY personal information (as with any other on line site).  Chess is a wonderful game for any age person to learn to THINK things through, among other life lessons too numerous to name.  I would have NO problems allowing my children (of any age) access to this site.  (I don't know about the ads-buy a membership and that won't be an issue!)  I think there are quite a few of the under 20 set roaming the boards; they just allow the rest of us to save face by not advertising that fact!!  Cool


I'm more worried about being attacked by teen hackers.


I'm 14 and haven't had one negative experience on this site.  Not that it can't happen; just I've never had to use the "stranger danger hide under a table quick" tactics that they broadcast to us in school.


I have do I block ads?