Is it true that Persians invented chess


Is there any scientific evidence or is it just a hypthosesis that chess was invented by the Persians?


The precursors of chess originated in India during the Gupta Empire,[2][3][4][5] where its early form in the 6th century was known as chaturaṅga, which translates as "four divisions (of the military)": infantry, cavalry, elephantry, and chariotry, represented by the pieces that would evolve into the modern pawn, knight, bishop, and rook, respectively.[6]

Chess was introduced to Persia from India


As above the game itself is derived from chaturanga. However many segment of the modern chess we play can be attributed to cultures around the world. checkmate for example I believe comes from the persian words sakh maht (something along those lines) which translates to 'the king has fallen'. Obviously European cultures have had a wide influence on the rules and the re-naming of all the pieces.


I believe that chess evolved from Parcheesi, an Indian game and Parcheesi evolved from the mandalas Buddhists and Hindus used for meditation.  Chess itself is a meditation device. This is my opinion with no scientific backing whatever. If anyone has any evidence of this being true I would be interested in hearing, or reading, about it.   


Who invented chess?


Actually I invented chess. I did it because I wanted to play with myself. I mean chess not the other thing.


if you search in historical reference you will know Persian made and play chess before indian and as you know you can find Persian word in chess playing


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The modern chess as we play it is definitely a Persian game. Check this article out

It is about Shatranj, an old form of today-chess. Almost all the rules and pieces of Shatranj were set by Persian. It is interesting to know that some of the words are still Persian. Check (Shah=King), mate( /maat/=out or lost), or Rook (/Rokh/=chariot).

    So, even though the board and one the pieces, the King, might have originated from India. Chess as we play it TODAY is a Persian invention( with European modifications).

Attilius wrote:

Is there any scientific evidence or is it just a hypthosesis that chess was invented by the Persians?

pure speculation


The Karnamak-i Ardeshir-i Papakan, a Pahlavi epical treatise about the founder of the Sassanid Persian Empire, mentions the game of chatrang as one of the accomplishments of the legendary hero, Ardashir I, founder of the Empire.[28] The oldest recorded game in chess history is a 10th-century game played between a historian from Baghdad and a pupil