Is speed chess good for your brain?


Everyone tends to believe that in order to increase chess skill, one must stop playing lower time controls and play long, standard games.  However, speaking generally (not necessarily in correlation to actual chess performance) does playing and getting really good at blitz and bullet have any effect on increasing the brain's functionality?  I would assume so, because of the quick thinking and calculation, as well as intuition and the anticipation of the opponent's moves necessary to become a great speed chess player.  What do you guys think?


I do think it has something to do, endeed when I often play I feel I am faster in my work (analysis and son on) may be it is phycological, but that is what I think


Blitz can you develop quick sight out of the Chess Board where and when to strike the killer blow in games intuitively but it's comparable to smoking cigraettes one after the other all day a really bad habit that over time is tough to break and can damage your health.

In strict moderation I believe Blitz is good for keeping tactical skills sharp.


Gives me a headache.


Ah, but Is your brain good for speed chess? That's the real question. Speed chess is good for the heart and reflexes. It makes you good at karate and great at coming up with witty to mediocre lines when asking women out on a date.  Speed chess is also the preferred sport of gourmet cooks, but the precise reason is presently unknown.

People who play speed chess tend to put their shoes on in the opposite order most people do, but take them off in the same order, while it seems to have no bearing whatsoever upon their disposition regarding whether or not to wear plaid shirts.  Excessive speed chess can cause acne but in moderate amounts seems to be related to healthy fingernail cuticles. Speed chess makes people to do everything in sets of three, but only three times, after the third time.

A perplexing characterstic of speed chess is that it is fast paced compared to things much slower, but extremely slow and plodding compared to things much faster.  A great man once said something his wife told him. I am reminded of the old parable about the glass blower who realized there has never been an old parable about speed chess.

Fiveofswords wrote:

speed chess is not about quick thinking. its about not thinking.

I would disagree with this; there are some very good speed chess players, and some very bad speed chess players.... it definitely takes thinking (quick, no less) to defeat an opponent in a game with low time controls.  Otherwise, if "thinking" was not required every game would be decided by luck and not skill.  From experience, I know that this does not hold true



bb_gum234 wrote:

Bullet chess reminds me of typing tests actually. No thought, all muscle memory.

Perhaps the intuitive memorization of patterns, but I think that there is more still to speed chess than simply memory.  If it were all memory, that would be saying that the top rated blitz players simply have the best memories, and therefore rating would have a direct correlation with memory.  From my experience, this isn't right


Believe it or not, it is possible to test this theory.

Play a few hundred exclusively speed games and see if it makes your brain feel any better all round.


good for having fun if you are able to control your emotions


It's body (or finger memory in this case) memory such as any musician, athlete or dancer might develop.


how about sardines ? have you tried those OP ? might be more nutritious than chess.

Bonny-Rotten wrote:

how about sardines ? have you tried those OP ? might be more nutritious than chess.

While its true that sardines have plenty of Omega-3's, they also tend to have been exposed to the mercury.  I prefer just taking Omega-3 tablets


What's the highest number of moves any player here can work through in one second?


If you hafta wake up....I mean like the doll you squeeze it's belly and its eyes pop out type of 'up' ? Then have three espresso's or three blitzarama' choose.

So yes. Speed chess is good 4da coconut. Hope this helps luv....Smile....


Actually speed chess is  vampire chess, it should not be played by humans.

Original vampires are more faster. Hybrids and werewolves are  also faster but not fast like original vampires. If you fight with any vampire in board, he will just break your neck.

But if you are witch, traveller or hunter, you have chance to beat them.Though it is not risk free.


I think speed chess has its merits.  After someone has mastered the basics of the opening principles, and has a solid middlegame, and endgame foundation, then yes speed chess serves a useful purpose.  But beginners that just play nothing but speed chess are only retarding there own growth. 


It may be good for your brain, but necessarily for your chess :)


I don't know...but I've seen you lose very badly vs 1.f3 ... 2.Kf2 and 1... f6 2. ... Kf6, so I don't think blitz and bullet is doing any good to your poor chess. Peace : )