Is there a way to report a game when something is odd?


Hi, Sorry to have to post this but something seems odd. I just started a game where I had a pawn sitting at E4, my opponets pawn was sitting paralell at F4. Suddenly he takes my pawn at E4 with his at F4 then his pawn moves E3. Is this some glitch or is something else foul? I have had this happen once before. Is there a way to report or send a game to be reviewed by a "moderator" for lack of better word? 


wow thanks I have a Red Face! Im in my mid 40's and never ever heard or played with that rule! This is the first time ever playing "digitally". 

I just googled it .... thanks again.


its called en passant  .The impatient westerners wanted to speed things up and  thus they made this illegal move a legal one and destroyed chess completely.


patience is bitter but its rewards are sweet