Is there any chance that a 1300 rated player can beat a 2700 rated player?

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    Just lost over 100 rating points on again...

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    Not that I really care, but did anyone yet try to setup a perpetual match between a 2700 engine and a 1300 engine?

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    Yes and no. Yes, it's possible; no, it'll never happen. ;}

    Edit: To explain my joke, this is how I see it...

    I'm a 1400 player, know a few openings, the basic chess ideas, have inspired tactics and attacks on occasion. A 2700 rated grandmaster would eat me whole and not even burp. They know every opening, know positional play to a 'T', will tactically bully inferiors, and if by some miracle the endgame they have that covered to. It would be like throwing Chris Rock in the ring with Mike Tyson... Chris can dance around for a while, but eventually Tyson is going to corner him and knock Rock out. :P

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    "no, it'll never happen."

    Although it's possible that that's false.

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    Did you not see the Chris Rock/Mike Tyson analogy?

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    Is this guy serious? tongue.png

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    SuedeStonn wrote:

    Did you not see the Chris Rock/Mike Tyson analogy?

    Well I did read your post, so of course I know it's a joke. I'm just saying something true in response to what I quoted.

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    I don't know about the boxing analogy.  Leon Spinks was mugged and beaten up by a street thug.

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    No throwing up analogy that I know.

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    Of course Chris has 0 chanch vs Tyson. But I took a boxing lesson in 78 and beat up the neighborhood bully. I give myself a a reasonable chanch vs Tyson. I'd stomp on his foot, maybe bite an ear or two. Spray mace in his face, get out the brass knuckles and give him an old fashion whooping.

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    Some people will have to say goodbye to their family name for good when I'm done. It's what they were asking for decades apparently, and disappointing a moron, or a bunch of them, is not my forte.

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    JuergenWerner wrote:

    Just lost over 100 rating points on again...


    Easy to do.


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    Can you throw a coin and get 10 000 tails in a row? Of course you "can"...

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    Colin20G wrote:

    Can you throw a coin and get 10 000 tails in a row? Of course you "can"...

    It will not ever happen. Conclusion?

    You can't flip a coin 10 thousand times resulting in tails everytime. No matter what any mathamatical formula you give, it does not "prove" the possibility.

    Now, if a machine did the flipping and the exact parameters were duplicated each toss, then I have no arguement. Otherwise it is impossible.

    Impossibilities are not possible.

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    Colin20G wrote:

    Now, if a machine did the flipping and the exact parameters were duplicated each toss, then I have no arguement. Otherwise it is impossible.

    What if the 'machine' is a well trained human that can duplicate the toss 10k times. This is possible.

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    There are really impossible things...

    Who says nothing is impossible? Some people do it every day!

    Alfred E. Neuman

    The fact that there are impossible things is hardly surprising. It's obvious (?) one can't draw a straight line with a compass. We already saw some less trivial examples. For example, I can't create a slider device that would allow switching between all slider puzzles available at this site. Such a device would constitute a mega-puzzle to which a switch will have to be provided, which in turn would create another mega-mega-puzzle and so on ad infinitum. Selfreferences allow for questions that could not be logically answered.

    However, if you think that the only impossible things are trivial and those that depend on some kind of math trickery, think twice. There are really impossible things. There are a few known yet from antiquity that were attempted by dozens (and probably more) for thousands years until their impossibility has been revealed in recent times.

    A good half of all starting positions in the Fifteen puzzle are unsolvable.

    Constructing a triangle from its angle bisectors is in general impossible

    Creating a machine that would tell for every statement whether it's true or false.

    Deriving Euclid's fifth postulate from the other four.

    Doubling a cube

    Finding the center of a given circle with the straightedge alone

    An Impossible Frame

    An Impossible Fork

    An Impossible Page

    Impossible to optimize the ratio Area/Price by a combination of two pizzas of different sizes.

    Moving pegs five places in one direction

    Representing √2 as a rational fraction p/q.

    Solving the general quintic equation in radicals.

    Squaring a circle

    Structural Constellation

    Trisecting an angle (in general)

    Emptying Prisons with Simple Shapes

    It is impossible to find four consecutive integers whose product is a square.

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    I am of the opinion that the phrase "anything is possible" is meant to keep humans dreaming. The truth is (sorry for bringing Tom's thread into this): "what the human mind can conceive it can achieve". It might be a hundred years after your death (ask Tesla) before your conception is technologically possible, but it can happen. As "advanced" as we are, we are adolescents at best. You may say "discovering a superior or inferior race 100 light years away is completely impossible". We don't know. We do know

    , however, a 1300 never beats a 2700.

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