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    I made this up myself and use it all the time! Idea is to trade a bishop that would normally be blocked off for a more active piece.Step 2 is to get ready for a c pawn push but its not a gambit because the bishop is protecting it.It has a nice postion and white is very flexible in what he wants to do. Only problem is the attack comes a little slow and black can organize a defense. What do you think?

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    Intersting positon.

    It is really interesting line.

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    maitreyoda2 wrote:
    A great Anti-Sicilian
    This is the Franco-English
    Franco-English 2


    What about blocking check with bishop? Then you will have to take or else you lose a minor piece. That will allow black to develop and take your bishop.

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    i play black

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    whats making the big pawns?

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    For a while I tried to make an opening system for white with 1. Nf3 2. Nc3.

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    The 16 Pawn Defense

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    Ye soo only pros can use this as it requires a lot of skill to operate. But it benefits you substantially if you know how to occupy the key squares with the powerful king. REMEMBER TO PROTECT YOUR QUEEN, SACRFICE DA KING IF YOU HAVE TO.

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