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Is this the future of chess puzzles

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    Hey i'm not sure if the general chess population know about a certain type of chess puzzle variant called "Chess Maze Puzzles" but quite a few people who go through these types of puzzles say it definitely helps your visualization skills and I myself have tried a few and just simply fell in love with them. Regular puzzles are beneficial of course but I've ALWAYS found it boring only cause of the fact that people nowadays  rated in my Class or a Class below (Class D) just don't really fall for tactical shots like they use to but I've noticed that with some of my play I can generate ideas better and that helps alot. I actually like chess maze puzzles MORE than regular puzzles and find them more beneficial or at least as equally important as regular puzzles.

    My question is do you think chess maze puzzles are at least just as important as regular tactical puzzles or do you think the benefits are the same as other composed chess puzzle variants (very little help for actual OTB/CC chess)

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    RoseQueen1985 wrote:

    can you define "chess maze" puzzle for me? is it something like "get the knight from a1 to a8 in x moves?"

     You got it but you can't put the knight (or any piece) enprise and to solve it you must put the king in check or checkmate and you can still capture with the maze piece

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    RoseQueen1985 wrote:

    ^ yeah I've done a few. I don't think maze puzzles will ever replace tactical ones. They are used to teach beginners manuvering concepts,that's all.

     You need to go through harder ones cause there are some that help players above 1400-1800


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