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Is this true for you? (handicap/oddsgame)

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    For my chess variant Economy Chess (download) I am trying to work out a formula that gives the weaker player an advantage when playing against a stronger player. (also see an earlier thread on this) I've derived a formula that may work well, and I hope some of you will fill in some values to see if it seems correct to you.

    In normal standard chess odds are given by taking away a piece (or tempo). The disadvantage of this system is that you can't give a precise advantage. I.e.: it's impossible to give someone "3/4 knight odds", because you cant take away 3/4 of a knight. 

    In Economy Chess this is possible because a piece has price. A knight costs 75 coins, so if you want to give "3/4 knight odds" the player gets (3/4*75=) 56 coins to start with.

    So in Economy Chess players get odds by giving them startingmoney that can be spend on piece to their own good.

    The formula

    The goal of the formula is that players can input their own rating and the rating of their opponent. The output is a number of coins that the weaker player gets at the start.

    x1 = strong player rating
    x2 = weak player rating

    Formula: (x1-x2)/(40 + 1.0025^x2)*25 = # of coins

    Me (1200) vs computer HARD (2200)
    (2000-1200)/(40+1.0025^1200)*25 = 333 coins

    Value of the pieces in Economy Chess:
    Default prices (coins):
    Pawn: 25 
    Knight: 75
    Bisshop: 78
    Rook: 125
    Queen: 225

    Some more examples:
    player A (900) vs player B (1100)
    (1100-900)/(40+1.0025^900)*25 = 101 coins

    player A (1100) vs player B (1400)
    (1400-1100)/(40+1.0025^1100)*25 = 134 coins

    player A (1400) vs player B (1800)
    (1800-1400)/(40+1.0025^1400)*25 = 137 coins

    player A (1800) vs player B (2400)
    (2400-1800)/(40+1.0025^1800)*25 = 115 coins

    Me (1200) vs Carlsen (2835)
    (2835-1200)/(40+1.0025^1200)*25 = 681 coins


    So, if you feel like it: input your rating and that of an opponent and see if the result seems right to you. (if you dont know how to do it I can do it for you)


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