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In the well-known forum Isn't Premoving cheating? The Troll A_L_I_V_E has started blocking people when they made valid points. For me, the troll even told me to shut up. Here will be a continuation of the forum, where nobody will be blocked and hopefully the comments  will be copied by somebody into that troll forum.



Old question of troll, crazy, or just stupid?  Sometimes hard to tell.  What I do know is trolls like attention so to me seems unnatural for them to block.


Maybe he's serious?


I am.


Is this topic even worth 2 threads?

A_L_I_V_E wrote:


It is really sad how many cheaters there are out there.  They lack any sense of right and wrong.  Chess is not supposed to be only about winning at all costs. 

There is really no justification for allowing premoving in Rated matches.  Online chess sites that allow for premoving should really reconsider the feature as it is being used as a form of cheating.  Premoving cheapens the game of chess as a whole b/c it enables those who wish to cheat to actually do so. 

There is no way of predicting that your opponent is going to choose to use the premoving cheat until you reach the end of a match and his or her time is running down.  It is sad to say that FM players and other supposed rated players use the premoving cheat.  I cannot say that those players represent what chess should be about. 

Personally I would rather lose a game fair and square rather than lower myself to the level of such cheaters.  When you use premoving it is a statement that you are not good enough to win a game on your own and that you need to use what amounts to a program to make moves faster than you could make on your own. 

No one can argue that premoving says anything positive about a player or that premoving demonstrates a player's skill.  It's pretty disgraceful and an act of weakness. 

Essentially when you premove you are telling your opponent that you cannot beat him or her on your own.  There is nothing good about that.

If you disagree with me then state a reason.  My point cannot be dismissed by childish insults or comments that essentially say that some people disagree with me b/c they use premoving.  None of the counter arguments do anything to justify why premoving is allowed in Rated chess games.  It has no place in Rated matches.

Why is it allowed in Rated matches????????  Come on  The premoving feature is being abused and you know it.  Cheating is occuring in the form of premoving at the end of matches and you know it.  Dont close your eyes to this fact!!!!!!!!  At least give real chess players the opportunity to play games that do not allow for premoving.  If others want to play games with premoving then thats fine but dont subject good rated players to the cheating ways of the mediocre and below average players who are interested in timed victories and draws resulting from premoving. 

There is no positive to premoving when it comes to rated matches.  None.


But if it is   allowed by, then you can use it.


So much bullshit, if chess is not supposed to be about winning then why COMMENT ON A METHOD OF WINNING?? So chess is not for other people to win but not for you?? Strange logic...

Interesting that premoving only saves time, how is it cheating? If my opponent plays a forcing line I can premove because I am not blind, hasn't anything to do with engines?


over 6 years ago. good times. thought the thread would die without a trace. thanks all for copying so i could have a laugh again