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Kasparov's IQ and chess skill

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    I need an adult! Yell

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    chess_gg wrote:
    pdve wrote:

    this knowledge vs ability to learn argument is futile.

    if someone has knowledge it is implicit they had the ability to absorb knowledge and if someone has the ability to learn they will automatically acquire knowledge.

    I think that that is rather well said.

    Intelligence, an aptitude to innovate and create, to resolve complex problems and add to that knowledge...a cornucopia of values and solutions passed on from others, living or dead...now we are functioning on all cylinders.

    Someone on one of these threads said: "Oh, I don't read books." He was, by the implication, proud of this feat. One of the major differences between us and the lower animal species is extracranial knowledge. What a shame it is, IMO, not to use it.

    yes and even though its fun to have knowledge, knowledge without means to use it properly is inpotence.

    You know there is a funny story i heard as a kid. (probably from some famous play i dont know=

    there was a rich man he had 4 sons, he gave each of some an equal amount of money and said keep it save for such and such time.

    One time he comes back and ask the first son, what have you done with the money?

    Well i have invested it and had made really much money with it.

    the father said: that is great im proud of you.

    the father asked the next son and the son replies: well i brough it to the bank and got interest.

    father says: thats good thats good.

    the father asked the third son and the son replies: oh i tried an investment and lost all my money.

    father says: that good, thats good keep you head up.

    when the father goes to the last son, he asks the same and the son replied:

    Well i hide it at some place and i still have the same amount of money.

    the father gets really angry and says: you idiot, how could you do that, i never trust you again.

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    Actually pdve Kasparov has an IQ of 190 and is maybe in the top 10 most intelligent people in the world.

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    It's a common misconception to confuse chess skill with intelligence... Kasparov's actual IQ is closer to 130....


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