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Knocking your King down when resigning

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    shepi13 wrote:

    A master told me he resigned from a stalemate once 

    Laughing Don't worry, I've resigned after my opponent's flag had fallen

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    @snakesbelly: this made my day.  thank you for making me laugh.

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    chrisr2212 wrote:

    i hope you had the chance to recover and say you were just joking

    Nope. Shook hands and recorded the result. Then I noticed it.

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    joeydvivre wrote:

    Scary that a few people think throwing burning gasoline in someone's face is funny.  Over a chess game.  So did you guys think the whole napalm thing in Vietnam was a hoot?

    He doesn't actually do that Yell

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    @joeydvivre - I don't think the napalm would be as effective since I don't see it coming out of the coffee mug as easily and cleanly.  Plus, there is more chance of residue for the forensics to pick up.  Just a thought.

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    I'm going to have to call you guys (joey, snakes) on your use of the word "hoot".  Since I was the first to use it in this thread (I believe),  obviously its reuse is strictly forbidden (which includes quoting it as well snakes).  Please follow protocol and replace "hoot" with "flying @#$%" at every occurrence.

    Your cooperation would be appreciated, but, is not expected.

    edit - By the way, don't think you've gone unnoticed scottrf, ditto.

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    Thanks Snakes!  I hate to have to be such a killjoy (or whoever), but, a little decorum goes a long way.

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    Who wants to go first on this one?  My thoughts were either "Stop, your killin me dude" or just the simple "Harsh."

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    You are all missing the point ! !  It is rude to slam your opponent's king down.  If we do our on king, we are just mad at ourselves, which should be understandable considering most people have no idea what sportmanslike conduct is to begin with.  But the king falls down when he is dead, no?  Yes. I still don't do it. 

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    it isnt rude to knock down your king at all really i get satisfaction out of the fact that  my opponent knocked his/her king down so therefore he isnt being rude to me

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    well wrestlers are pretty awesome arent they ;)

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    Tipping a refrigerator over a railing is bush league.  You actually demonstrate some talent when you push it out a window, in my experience. Never have done it while "occupied" though. Could be tricky.

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    I think that it defidently depends on the attitude. I think that if done politely, it is a nice tradition of chess. When done with abuse toward the chess pieces, I think it is disrespectful.

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    I think that it defidently depends on the attitude. I think that if done politely, it is a nice tradition of chess. When done with abuse toward the chess pieces, I think it is disrespectful.

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    If my opponent slams his king down, I did a great job beating him and he can't stand it.  Gawd, I love it !  Do it again, tell me how much better I am than you.  See why I don't do it?

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    Whenever i play at tourneys or even friendly matches,i just stop the clock.i find everything else overdramatic and uncalled for.

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    TeraHammer wrote:

    How many people do this? When resigning, knocking your king down?

    I think it is quite rude if this is done rougly, and disrespectful for the pieces and the game of chess.

    But the thing is, I have yet to meet someone who puts his King down respectfully.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    There was a video where Irina Krush hit her king and it went across the board and she stormed off when losing to Anna Zatonskih...

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    Sheesh... and people wonder why I don't play humans.


    Some people can't handle defeat. I don't want to know if I'm one of them!

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    My say on this? It is your own personal choice whether to resign or not. Don't let other people tell you how to behave. You don't need those kind of people in your life, unless they are doing it to protect you. Otherwise, they are just being whiny liberal babies who attack people for attention. 

    My point is, you get to choose when and whether to resign, because one choice is not clearly advantageous to the other. Just know that if you choose not to resign, then you may build a bad reputation, but it doesn't mean it is bad. Anyway, playing bad positions might be good practice and it is probably good to be used to playing bad positions. On the other hand, if you resign when it is horrible, it gives you a little bit more time to prepare or study before your next OTB game, which can be nice if you aren't traumatized by your last loss.


    Chess is the second most stressful sport behind skydiving I believe.

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    I think it is whiny and ironically annoying to be annoyed by what your opponent does over the board. Let them be weird, don't try to tell people what ethics they should believe in. I might actually start knocking all of my pieces with my bare hands lol. How about you whiny crybabies try to join a human centipede?


    Seriously? To be annoyed or call it uncalled for, if your opponent drops his king on the board?


    I'm only trying to protect the personal chess players, you know. They didn't attack anybody!


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