Komodo Takedown: How far can you get?


I watched the very interesting match Hikaru Nakamura played the other day against Komodo 12. He started at level 1 (Computer1) and played all 20 skill levels (up to Computer20). He won all his games until Computer20 where he lost.

I have Komodo 12 and often play against it at home. But I wondered how well I would do against the skill levels here.

So far I have played up through Computer7 without losing, although I nearly turned a won game into a loss when playing Computer7. Fortunately, I was able to turn it around.

I've been doing this with long games (45/45), but you can use whatever time control you like. How far can you get before losing? I did repeat a few levels as warm-ups.


I have also noticed that I had an easier time on some of the harder levels than the 1 before it. I chalked it up into just walking into the situation where they happen to be weaker. But since I don't know how the skill levels work, I could be wrong. I do know that the ratings here do increase with each step, so people here in general are finding each level more difficult.


Its great you gave this a try. happy.png I hope more people do as well, and report on how they did.


Here is a tactical problem from my game at level 7. There is only one right move. All other moves lose badly.



White to move


I have now played Komodo Computer8.  So far I have kept the streak alive. Computer8's rating is 1571 in rapid so it is fairly comparable to mine (1573). I won a pawn and then ground out the RR and pawns v RR and pawns ending.




I finally messed up playing Computer9. I had a good game until towards the end. Then I made a couple of key mistakes, the worse being I traded queens and entered a K and Pawns vs K and Pawns endgame where I wasn't sure of the result. What is worse is I knew better. Doh!