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Korolkov, V. White to play and win

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    Hi! just encountered a very cool study. See  if you can solve it!

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    It would help if you state what the goal of the puzzle is.

    Checkmate? Gain winning position? Is it white or black to move?

    I can only see stalemate in that puzzle.

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    seems to me that after 1.Rh2 white will be winning.  He just has to be careful of stalemate after 1...Rxf2 2.Rxf2 h2.  White can't take the pawn on h2 or stalemate is coming after black plays 3...b5.   So white should just play 3.Rf1 I'm thinking.  And the same idea is true if black doesn't take on f2, but just moves his rook anywhere on the 2nd rank.

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    coolhandjohnnj wrote:


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