Does anyone know , if there is any copmuter -based/ online implementation of Kriegspiel ? It seems quite interesting stuff to deal with , but getting to play it OTB seems almost impossible. Silicon version would be more suitable meethinks .


ICC must still.


Since the WinBoard ICS client (in ICS mode) already supports Kriegspiel, it would probably be easy to implement it in the public ICS code that I run on my Variant-ICS server. (I already implemented Gothic Chess, Xiangqi and Shogi there, for instance.) It would just be a matter of filtering the boards sent to the user, so they only get to see what they should see. A similar thing holds for Dark Chess, (with which I am more familiar; I even wrote a (rather stupid) demo engine for that).

Of course there are never any people on my ICS, let alone people that would want to play Kriegspiel, so you would have to play by appointment.


I just created an account on this site:


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Gonna give a try later on, looks like fun.