Leela Zero( A Neural Network engine similar to Alpha Zero)


You gotta love Leela crazy aggressive attack! (Lc0 vs Komodo 9)

Have a look!




Leela is fantastic!


This was one of the game on SF vs Leela , 100 games match, (SF on 20 thread vs Leela on 2x1080Ti, 5+5 blitz. Total result, SF won in total, +56 elo above Leela.)

Leela played out of opening principles and played like a beginner. In fact she is not, she created new opening Novelty. SF was dead with Leela's crazy King side attack.



Leela's first clash with top 1 engine Stockfish in chess.com, computer chess championhip ended as draw.



Future of Leela!


Initial goals of Leela is almost complete! 

Leela is very close to A0 level (-50 elo, she would probably be exactly the same level of A0 in new bug free nets) in simulation tests. She got very similar results vs  SF8 in simulation tests, 80knps of Leela vs 70 Mnps of SF8.

Those will soon be possible evolution of leela.  ( Likely stronger than A0)


Poll voting from Leela Discord as of today!

As we are slowly approaching strength of alphazero, and there are many ideas what to do better than what is described from alphazero paper, we are considering implementing support of experiments so that all crazy ideas could be easily checked and incorporated if they prove to be useful (with the speed things happen in LCZero, likely not within a month though). What do you think about that, where LCZero should go? :regional_indicator_a: Allow all changes, including ones which don't follow zero principle or possibly make style less "interesting", as long as it improves Elo. (E.g. mixing A/B with handwritten eval and MCTS+NN) :regional_indicator_b: Allow sidestepping from AlphaZero paper, as long as it doesn't violate "zero" principle. E.g. different NN in the beginning and endgame, MiniMax instead of MCTS, different board representation, etc. :regional_indicator_c: It's too early to sidestep, stick to AlphaZero paper for now.


Soon the strongest chess player ever!