Let's check and the Cloud


I've read the rules against cheating in chess.com.

They say that one can use any type of material, if it is published, and nowadays "published" means also online, since most of the chess books have an ebook format.

But what I don't understand is if using Chessbase 12, and the let's check/cloud function is considered cheating.

Because my understanding is that the function connects thousand of computers online in the world, which are searching continously opening lines, and new moves, which will be used by pros like Carlsen, or other GMs in tournaments.

Maybe chess.com rules for "online play" (also known as correspondence play) were written "before" this technological development, and not updated, in a world, which changes continously, thanks to technology.

My understanding is also that the let's check function in Chessbase 12 is a service one must pay, in order to access it, once the beginning 1 year free period expires.

Now, for whoever has the money to pay that service, that is a publishing service, on opening theory, also if different from published books, because evidently nobody could print this new mass of material. And frankly there is no need for wasting paper.


there is also fritz 13 

suebebo wrote:

there is also fritz 13 

Yes, you are correct. And thinking about it, also Chessbase Online, on android provides a really opening update library.