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  • #21

    I comment actual words tho. you just reword posts.

  • #22

    Yes, your comments are amazing.  Keep going - everyone wants to know more.

  • #23

    your sarcasm is wet and floppy

  • #24

    That was great - you beheaded those two words and made them funny.  Continue now...

    say something along the lines of soggy again but reword it. Thanks 

  • #25

    you are commentating again. I am growing weary.

  • #26

    go wet your face

  • #27

    wtf, Inb4thelock!

  • #28

    lol F the lock

  • #29

    Molo, you were weary long before today.  You definitely need to kick around the idea of visiting the rope and creaky stool stores.    You have everyone's blessing.   happy.png

  • #30

    I really want to do it. I'm being serious


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