Limit on number of Tournament games


I think there should be a limit on how many tournamnent games  that one person should be allowed to enter.

People can be obsessive about this and I have seen people players over 1400 games going at a time which makes them very very slow. I think this is ok if you are just playing one off games, but in a tournament generally players like to have 'some idea' how long each round is going to take so they can manage their own games effectively. 

It is difficult to avoid playing in the same tournament as some people as they seem to enter every one and, in my opinion, this slows the tournament down too much, and can spoil the enjoyment for other players in the tournament.


I am totally on the oposite opinion.

A tournament have time rules for playing,. If the player is inside those limits then there should no be complain. I still don't understand people who join a 7 days per move tournament and then wants everybody to play blitz.

Also I would like the restrictions to join tournaments to be ease a lil bit. Yes there is restrictions to the free members. Find it really unvalance to know that premium members can join several houndreds of tournaments while free member are so restricted to only join tournaments that the stuff starts.


It depends how you interpret 7 days per move (I would never join these anyway).

I view it as you allowed up to 7 days to make a move, not literally play one move every 7 days. I would say the majority of players in tournaments.. ..will play at least one move a day...usually more. Surely  it is better to play 10-20 games at a reasonable pace rather than 100s games at a slow pace. 

I think it's fine if you are playing 'one off' games as your 'slow play' only affects one other person, but when dozens of players are waiting for a couple of players who for one reason or another are over burdened with games, then that to me is unfair on the majority.

I would say playing a maximum of 10 tournaments at a time is not unreasonable. If you want more games, then fill with the 'let's play' variety, play more live games or play the computer, just be aware there are others to consider.


To be honest I'm of a similar opinion to htdavidht. Players should be able to play in as many tournaments as they want. If someone is taking the full amount of time for their moves, the position most likely is a complex one. Or that person might have other things to do in their life than play chess.

The long time controls are there for a reason. To use the time, not to play blitz. That's what live chess is for.

And if someone wants to join 7 tournaments at once who cares? Chances are they are going to be spending quite a large amount of time trying to decide on their moves to 5 different games. Players should be able to join as many tournaments as they want. Personally, I find joining more than 5 at once too time consuming. But other people may prefer to join more.

In conclusion, if you have a certain amount of time for a move, its there to be used, otherwise you may as well play live chess or OTB games.