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     Lisa Lane Hickey. proprietor of the Amber Waves of Grain. a natural health food store on Gleneida Ave. in Carmel, is scheduled to appear co the WNET-TV Channel 13 commentary on Sunday for the World Chess Championship Match between Bobby Fisher from America and Boris Spassky from Russia which is being televised nationally from Albany.
     Mrs. Hickey, who has appeared twice on the show, was the United Scams Woman's Chess Champion in 1959, placed second in the 1963 tournament and tied for first place is the 1966 championship game.
     Lisa Hickey's success is her chess playing career is unique as she first learned and began to play chess in 1957 when she was attending Temple University in Philadelphia. In the two short years that she studied chess, she not only won the U.S. Woman's Championship, but also west to the Olympic games in Oberlin, Germany, in 1965 as a member of the American Chess team. Sbe has played in Russia. Germany and Yugoslavia and from 1963 to 1963 she owned and ran a chess club in New York City called "The Queen's Pawn." The club was open to the most unexperienced chess enthusiasts or to the top professionals who paid by the hour for a chess hoard. Chess equipment was sold there, and various tournaments were arranged and held on the premises.
     In 1966, Lisa Hickey retired from tournament chess. During the next few years she was involved in several different things, mostly connected with chess.  One summer she was the chess pro at Grossinger's Resort Hotel in the Catskill Mountains. In 1969 she married Neil Hickey 'whom she met when Mr. Hickey was interviewing her for the American Weekly Magazine.  Mr. Hickey has several books to his credit including "The Politics of Grace" and "The Gentleman Was A Thief." He is correctly bureau chief of TV Guide in New York City.
     Now that Lisa Hickey is a health food advocate. she looks back at her active chess playing days and feels that if she had known more about nutrition and health her chess game weld have been better. She is particularly adamant about cigarette smoking. She said she used to smoke two to three packs of cigarettes during a game and each time she had the urge for cigarette, her train of concentration was broken. Mrs. Hickey has given up cigarettes for nearly a year now and says she feels much better. mentally and physically.
     Her interest to health foods began when she moved to the house that her husband had owned for many years on Nichols Rd., in Kent. The house is over a hundred years old and Mrs. Hickey was attracted to the big, warm and friendly kitchen. She began cooking and baking and learning about foods and food preparation.
     Soon she was traveling to Peekskill and Danbury for the wholesome natural ingredients that she wanted in her breads and other foods. And each time she made the trip to one of these natural health food stores, she thought. "Why doesn't someone open up a natural health foods in Carmel." One of the girls who worked in the Peekskill store told her that a good portion of their business came from the Mahopac-Carmel-Kent area.      Driving back, she saw a store for rent on Gleneida Ave. in Carmel and thought; "That would be a 'great place for a natural foods store! Why doesn't some-one around here do it?"  
     Well, Mrs. Hickey says she suddenly realized that she could do it, pulled over, ran into the store and talked to the man who was renting the store. Within a short time, she had signed the lease and was wondering how to start going about opening up a natural health foods store.
      She started by going to several health food stores in New York City and talking to the people who ran them, asking and looking around, trying to discover the secret and the wholesalers. One girl who ran a store on E.3rd St. gave her the names of a few salesmen but Lisa still felt too unsure. She asked the girl If she would order her beginning inventory, and she agreed. That girl started off the well-stocked shelves of the Amber Waves of Grain and Lisa has maintained a full variety of products.
     You'll find cosmetics, vitamins, teas. beverages. dried and bottled fruits, a variety of nuts, juices, jams, jellies, relishes, grains. flours, vices, incense, herbs, books on nutrition, cakes, puddings, biscuits and wafers, munches, cookies, candies, cereals. beans and peas, noodles, spaghetti oils, vinegars, honey, yeast, and much much more.
     Stop in and talk to Lisa. She has a hundred stories. She's met all of the top chess pro's including Bobby Fisher and Boris Spassky. She knows a lot about her store and has her own ideas on how to eat right. Take a look around her warm and inviting store.

     Lisa Lane Hickey will be speaking at a meeting of the Brewster Welcome Wagon at the Putnam County Savings and Loans Bank on Rte. 6 in Brewster on Sept. 7. The public is invited to attend,



Kudos again, batgirl.

Your posts are always such a joy to read, getting to know the history of the game from long ago to the not so distant past (well, not so distant for SOME of us ...).

Thanks for your work on gathering and posting.



     Jenny Shahade, also from the Philadelphia area, has done some unusual stunts to publicize chess.  This is to show she wasn't the first women to do so.








Jenny Shahade made usual stunt wink.png Congrats her



How about now?


United scams of America indeed


How does a female chess  player look like Stuzzi cadente?


two years to playing in international tournaments is prodigious to say the least. grin.png  I see she pulled out of a tournament because she was in love.  'I just couldn't concentrate on my game for thinking about him.  I am a woman I can't stay away from him any more. . . ', wow what a lucky dude!



yes thats Mr Fischer enjoying Ms Lanes company. What game was Bobby really playin?  happy.png

robbie_1969 wrote:

two years to playing in international tournaments is prodigious to say the least.   I see she pulled out of a tournament because she was in love.  'I just couldn't concentrate on my game for thinking about him.  I am a woman I can't stay away from him any more. . . ', wow what a lucky dude!



Where do you find all this stuff? You should change your name to "Chess Archaeologist" 



Well, I've written about Lisa Lane dozens of time here and elsewhere (including an article published on, so I have tons of material much of which I never used.

Lisa Lane, btw, is featured in my series on the  first 80 years of U.S. Women Championship in the current installment. American Woman - Part IV





I've had a fire for Lisa Lane since 2005 after seeing this photo of her. Thank you for the additional kindling!



Here is one of her games. I just picked one that she won. 

Been looking at that game. I wonder if black had played Rxc3 around move 16 or so if it would've worked. At a glance it looks dangerous.

original post - United Scams of America Chess Champion???


Jenny Shahade? LOL. I loved Bob Redford in The Sting.


I remember Lisa Lane from when I was young.  For a period of years, she was the second strongest women's player in the US.  Surprised to see no mention so far of the #1, Gisela Gresser.