live chess premoves?


ive noticed that even when i make a premove before my opponant moves, my clock goes down by .1 second. this can be extremely annoying, and ive drawn quite a few games i shouldve won when my opponant only had a king left because my clock was going down, even though i made all of my moves in advance, and i still ran out of time. whats up with this?


if this is unintentional lag, then i think there should be a .1 second delay even for games with no delay. why should my clock go down if i make my next move before my opponant has made their move?


How do you make a live chess 'premove'?

Also, if you're really complaining about the site, go to the Site Feedback Forum, which is where feature complaints/wishes are fielded.


you just move while its your opponants turn, and it will automatically make the move for you when its your turn (assuming your move is legal). you can enable or disable this feature in the settings though.

this isnt a complaint really, i just want to know why it is the way it is.


its supposed to take .1 second or .2 seconds if you have lag according to the site information on premoves; i suggest you work on your time control if taking an extra second (10 premoves) is making you lose. also if you know if you are going to run out of time even if you have a winning position you should probably throw your pieces away to capture your opponent's pawn if that will make it a draw just some advice i do and see many other users do in blitz, bullet.


Think of it this way, in a regular chess game played on the board with a clock there would be no way to "premove". Even if you moved with cat like reflexes by the time your opponent punched the clock, you moved and then punched the clock, at least .1 second would pass. Why should it be any different here?


what can I do if a move was caused unintentionally by my baby?  Can I undo that move?


premove without being able to set what I'm reacting to is useless


Every move, even a pre-move, costs at least .1 second. This site used to have no cost for a premove, and people were creating games that lasted 100s of moves. 

This site needs to keep premove, but allow it for only one move in advance. Allowing a series of premoves defeats the purpose of playing sudden death time controls, at least as a chess game. 

Please, fix premove so that it only works one move in advance.