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Looking at Kramnik's Games Makes Me Want to Play the Semi-Slav

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    And I am not telling you to play hypermodern openings -- I think you can learn plenty about the hypermodern by playing classical openings, ironically enough. The truth about chess is that it's not as easy to dictate the style of a game with the opening as one may think. The sharpest game of your life might happen in a "dull" opening -- the point is that the opening is, at least for most, only a small fraction of the actual game!

    But I bet you will find plenty of situations in your games where the correct idea is to trade off some of your center pawns no matter what opening you play. And you will find times when you should keep them. It really depends on the position.

    Even in the french, where white has a "big center," you see all the time white willingly exchanging it away if he can benefit -- when black plays ...f6 to strike the d4 e5 white pawn chain, white sometimes doesn't mind playing exf6 if he can secure an outpost for pieces on the e5 square. Other times he continues to bolster the center -- for white to play successfully in this so called classical opening, he has to keep in mind possibilities where he can give up his center as well.

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    Hypermodernism in chess isn't well summed up with "control the center with pieces" it should go on to say you counter attack the center with pawn moves.

    Anyway as Elubas more or less said, space isn't itself actually worth anything... what you want is mobility/activity of the pieces.   You can't win with good pawns... the best "good pawns" can do for you is promote to active pieces.  All other advantages are actually secondary to the superior mobility of pieces in an area.  Space, a secure king, good structure, etc give you the best chances for mobile/active pieces.

    Actually this may be a good way to teach a beginners chess... show them positions of a winning side and illustrate superior mobility in an area... oh wait they do that already it's call endgames lol.  I guess that just proves my point Tongue Out


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