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Looking For A Stalemate

  • #1

    Finally found the mate!

  • #2

    hahaha you had mate wayyyyyy shorter than 89 moves. haha 

  • #3

    Giving up pieces and promoting to rooks, and enclosing the king,  seems that he's making fun of his opponent! Laughing

  • #4

    this is my favorite chckmate that i made cause eveyone in my school sucks, so far ive checkmated 19 people this way and 15 on the other side :)

  • #5

    It's better to resign than being embarrassed and made fun of!

    Especially, like what  Kent491 is doing ! lol!

  • #6

    @Magnierick: It's better to suffer the humilliation than resigning, if there's a glimpse of stalemate!!

  • #7

    45.b8=Q+ . That's premature

  • #8

    good chess game.

  • #9
    Oran_perrett wrote:

    someone messed around like this with me once when i didn't resign having nothing left against 2 queens and a rook. after a couple of minutes moving around i drew by the 50 move rule. he didn't seem too pleased

    Black could have gotten his wish if White blundered on move 87. lol!


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