Losing to level 2 as a beginner -


I will add my 2 cents: at lower levels (2 or 3, for example) the computer will make very bad plays one time or another; just like you and me (my rating is 1100). So try not to loose the game in the opening, be patient (dont launch an early/possibly-fragile attack) and look for the opportunities. They will come. This strategy is working for me 4 out of 5 times, more or less.

Absolutely ridiculous way to lose a game. Always had mixed feeling about that aspect of chess - when a situation is decided not by strength but by a technicality.





You played well for a long stretch.  My comments are in the notes.



EDIT: once again chess.com managed to delete all the text in my post. Here is ~ what I wrote:

1) At move 23 I wanted to go and take a queen with my pawn. But was in doubt during time pressure if I could move forward. Afterwards engine suggests Q to d4, and I dont see why not just move pawn forward?

2) any tips welcome


Tips in the notes.