Luck in Chess


I think it's safe to say that most of us - amateurs - don't really understand the game of chess. Our wins, losses, or draws are mostly due to blunders. Consider the following games.

The first one, I played with Black pieces and was definitely blundering and losing. However, my opponent blundered too, even more badly so, and I ended up winning the game.


The second game, I was still losing but was able to salvage a draw after my opponent made some critical mistakes in the endgame.


The third game, which I think I was winning, I blundered rather badly too, LOL! I think it was safe to resign at that point - judge yourself.


So what can we conclude from that? Well, we can conclude several things:

1) Don't be in a hurry to resign, even when you are losing. Nobody ever won or saved the game by resigning.

2) We shouldn't take chess very seriously - it's a game where most humans are very much prone to blunders either due to lack of knowledge or lack of talent.

3) If you want to be good at chess you really have to understand all aspects of the game. Hard work is necessary.

4) If you take chess games personally, and yet you don't improve, you better take up poker. Cool


Have a good day, Y'all.


P.S. Edward Snowden looks like one of top chess Grandmasters. Guess who?