Magnus Carlsen, next world champion?

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    Norwegian is surely a funny language ...

    We all know how stodgy and uptight Magnus sometimes appears in his interviews, but it's a nice change seeing him talk in his mother language, where he's a lively and bright fellow, even at the age of 13. I certainly wouldn't have been able to be as equally level-headed as he was while facing Karpov. Whether he'll be the next WC? Most likely.

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     My Magic 8 Ball says "Maybe, ask again". Caruana is force to be reckoned with, and I think Carlsen is his equal or better, but at that level, whoever is the GM hungrier for the title, is the one that often wins. Understand too that at their level, when fame arrives, sometimes they are somewhat distracted with other projects, and their focus and preparation may suffer a bit. Most can multitask, (WGM Natalia Pogonina is also a model, and a mom), and they still can play their top level chess, but sometimes the challengers are consumed in preparation, and have the drive to beat the WC. It will certainly be a fight, no matter what, and Magnus' raw talent is exceptional. I'm not going to be surprised if a 15 year old girl from China or India doesn't arrive on the scene soon, and start wiping the board with the GMs one day. It is always anyone's game to win or lose, and Vishy proved that to Kasparov, calmly and cooly. Time will tell!- rr

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    roninreturns wrote: I'm not going to be surprised if a 15 year old girl from China or India doesn't arrive on the scene soon, and start wiping the board with the GMs one day.

    I find that highly unlikely.

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    There's a good YouTube video of Carlsen being interviewed on 60 MInutes. He sounded like a normal kid. Compared with the psychological train wreck that was Bobby Fischer, it was really quite refreshing.

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    Dick Cavett, who interviewd Fischer in the early '70's said he found him Charming and quick-witted with a good sense of humor.He also said that Fischer was extremely imposing phyically, very tall and quite muscular. Cavett said he was horribly shocked to see how Fischer looked 20 years later. Mental illness can really destroy a person

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    Fischer definitely had two sides to him: the charming, quick-witted side that Cavett saw and then, on other occasions, his inner demons would find their way out and it was ""Fischer the looney tunes nutcase". After he won the World Championship in 1972, Fischer had nothing left to prove: he was the best, he knew he was the best, therefore a lot of incentive that he had to keep the demons in check evaporated. In 5 years after being at the top of the chess world, he was a homeless bum living on the streets of Los Angeles. And it didn't have to be this way. Fischer's lawyer had millions of dollars in endorsement contracts ready for him to sign that he simply walked away from. I wonder if he had second thoughts about that as he was sitting in that jail cell on that dark night. Probably not.

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