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magnus carlsen vs vishy anand

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    hmm sokolov blundered at last

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    rooperi wrote:

    I think Carlsen's has his nose in front now, with a win against Sokolov. Everybody else on 3½ made draws.

    Another day at the office . . . Wink

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    Grandelius is doing pretty well in the B-section... he has been paired up every round (ie: every game has been against a higher-rated opponent) and he has a 50% score... a performance rating 50 points higher than his published rating. He lost today (round-6), but his round-5 game was pretty spectacular.

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    Grandelius has excellent theoretical knowledge, but I am no fan of his playing style. Today he wasn't able to get something out of the coffehouse play that Arkadi decided to throw at him, and in the end he made a childish blunder, in an equal position.

    Richard Rapport is playing really great in the B tournament, my guess is that he will be the next 2700+ big name.

    Oh, and that old fart, Jan Timman (aged no less than 62) is doing remarkably well- congrats!

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    MarkRaffyLucero wrote:


    3 months ago they played a game.  That's what this topic is about.

    But now there is an upcoming world championship match between the two.  That will take place in November, 7 months from now.

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    ...a storm is coming...


    Stormbringer is coming

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    Angom_Nongsha_Singh wrote:

    Still how much time left for the game to start?? Anybody?

    its in november buddy

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    hmmm it starts

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