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The goal of the show is to help you analyze your games - the true path to improve your chess. So write out as much of your thinking as you can in your annotations. Tell us where the game was played and the time control too. If you look up past threads you will find many fine examples of amateur players writing about their games.

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My immortal. Funny to say that after exactly one year of tournament play but that game was my best and my most enjoyable. hope you'll enjoy it too.











GM Kraai says I am too self-deprecating (it's hard not to be, with a USCF rating of just 1436), so instead of submitting my usual loss I am submitting a game in which I fought back for a draw after being two pawns down in a bad position. Of course, it helped that my opponent played inaccurately. I hope the endgame will be interesting and instructive. I wanted to submit this game after it was played last summer, but there was always another game I thought was more important. This was a Daily Chess game played with a three-day time control. I have not done the computer analysis.

Incidentally, the reason I know which moves I considered and what I was thinking, even several months later, is because I use the "Notes" feature when playing a Daily Chess game. I know I've said this before, but I highly recommend it for anyone who plays Daily Chess games here.


In this game I get a horrible position of out the opening and give away a key square.



Hi Jesse,
This is a game I played a while back in an opening I've seen you cover previously on this show. However, as I played "natural" looking moves, I realized I was falling into the same pitfalls I heard you discuss in those other games I have a vague memory of from this show. So next time, I won't play dxe5 in this opening. 
Time control: 90/40 SD30 + 30".



I lost this game playing the Sicilian e6 against a FIDE master. The time control for this game was 45 minutes + 10 seconds increment.




Hello Jesse, thank you for analysis and sorry about this late post. This is a 90 minute game I played recently