Mr. Kasparov of Russia does NOT have Analysis of "0" Mistakes!!


    I would like to make an Important Comment now that I made only "Computer Analysized 4 Mistakes, from 5 Mistakes.  With Equal Number and Points of Captured Pieces Vs. Sir Dr. PhigNootin rated at (1390) now probably over (1400) of Chess Rated Mind Mechanism Accuracies. I , JulesM made 1 less mistake on PhigNootin yet Capturing Sir Dr. PhigNootins "Queen" , I for the 1st Time on got into "Checkmate" by Dr. PhigNootins "Rook". The Computer Analysis showed both Equal Number of Points in Chess Pieces Captured, Also Computer Analysis said a made LESS Mistakes, Lower Blunders of only 6 throughout the CHESS Drama!! Sir. Dr. PhigNootin is a (1400) or above Category Mind Accuracy Chess Player , PhigNootins rating shows (1390) but those tiny 10 point rating are Easily Surpassed given Mr. PhigNootin the only Man to have placed an I.Q. certified Mind of JulesM= 156 I.Q.(78% Average True P.H.D. s Certified 20 Question I.Q.s, All Mathematical Linguistics Patterns!!). Although Chess Measures both C.P.U. (Central Processing Unit.) and Memory Capacity Accuracies of the "Brain". It does NOT Measure HARD-DRIVE overall General Science Knowledges and Updated Read Knowledges of the "Male Human BRAIN" Hard-Drives. Females are supposed to be Equal to Males, but I am Sorry , I do NOT see Females Conditioned like Males to Use and Exercise their "Brains" like Men are Conditioned to do. The Female of Humans will be very dependant on their Men to due Most of the "Mental Brain Logistics for them(them=Females, I am Sorry but even in the 21st Century, Men still Excel Females at Equal Mind and Physical Tasks, Blame it on Conditioning or Environmental Problems, but there were NO,NO Females in my Chemical Engineering, Compulsory Electronics and Physics, Mathematics in my University-College Classes of the 1980s', ALL Students were "MEN Only Science Engineers"!!!!

        Finally, Mr. Kasparov of Russia Cannot have a Computer Analysed Mistack of only "1" or definitely NOT "0" Mistakes. If Mr. Kasparov of Russia made NO Mistakes and had "0" Mistakes by Computer Analysis, He would have placed "DEEP BLUE" by I.B.M. into "DRAW-Stalemate" Regardless if I.B.M. would have given Kasparov and Russian Computer Programmers the Program Chess Printout or NOT. Zero Mistakes throughout a CHESS DRAMA is Hyper-Computer Mind Accuracies Now, "0" Blunders too, and 100% or 00.00% Accuracy Values. DEEP BLUE would now only "DRAW-Stalemate at best with Mr. Kasparov of Russia NOT Any CheckMates".  Since "DEEP BLUE" by I.B.M. placed Eventually in DRAMA CHESS, Mr. Kasparov into "Checkmate" it Requires Mr. Kasparov of Russia to make "1" Mistake throughout the CHESS Drama. THE COMPUTERS STILL REIGN SUPREME!!!!


That's easy for you to say.


so red


What's with all the weird CAPITALISATION and "quoting"? It is HARD for MEN to Understand what OP is "getting at"!!


There's no way I'm reading that amount of red text.


Yeah do it in a long paragraph of red text and you're safe.


It all looks so much like English . . .


Well, nothing interesting, what he writes makes no sense.

He jumps from a subject to another. The best: Men still Excel Females at Equal Mind
Kudos on "excelling women" at "equal mind", guys. Kudos.

Guess he just took subjects that attracted trolls on, polemics (human vs computer, Kasparov, women in chess) and, well, trolled his way to the bank in red HOT flames.

(if what I say makes no sense either, I'm just tired. sorry.)


JulesM has long gone.  Must have been upset that his ranting in red received such a poor response.


Maybe Dr. PhigNootin & a couple of strong men in white coats finally found his hideout & brought him back to the institute.

Time for another "treatment"!


Was the original post supposed to be some kind of color-blindness test?


It must have been a red letter day!