My VoteChess game analysis thread


Many of you know me already from my free online lessons program. It's linked in my profile, have a look when you have time. At this moment, nearly 1800 people have viewed the first lesson on YouTube. I have a support group here to back it up with over 500 members in just over 2 months time. It's probably the fastest growing group at this site. You can find that group on my profile as well, come on  in and join the learning!


Anyway, I'm aware of the Vote chess matches and since I annotate on video some games, I thought doing a series for the Vote Chess games could be fun, something I can and will do for the groups I'm in. 


Here are the simple requirements to get me to do a video for your group.

1) If I'm in the group, get an admin to message me with the link to the game you wish a video for.

2) If I'm not in, invite me, and also send me a link to the game.


First come, first serve! Anyway, enjoy this video, and the ones to follow! I give some ideas for you to study in the Sicilian. Intersting game, lots of complications.

Video link:


thanks for sharing sir :)


Super, and the final, ils suspens.....


Found  it  , and  lets  see what we have here  now  , ok has the  game  ended  in the  above  moves? or  did a clock  run out  or was this time based  3 days  or  a on line  match ?


oh  sorry  i see the  link now   going to  it  now 


Here's another game that was requested I do a video for. I offer some interesting input when White breaks from main line in the Sveshnikov Sicilian:


Video Link: (Edit, had wrong link in there, sorry, now fixed.)



Good games!


not sure if your christian but I honestly think your a gift from god just can't thank you enough for these vidz.