Neccessary to call CHECK ?

I usually say “CHECK, SUCKA”




S_Ong wrote:

Alright, so two weeks later im going to participate in my district lvl chess competition and this is my 2nd attempt to fight for the district champion trophy. (da 1st time was 2 years ago (the year i started to play chess))

ive done quite well in my training these days and prepared all openings that i might face during the competition, including my own favourite one. but 1 thing had haunt me for sooooo LONG since the last time i participate in the competition.

DO I NEED TO call CHECK when my opponent's King is in check ????

i know this question is quite ridiculous and unbeliveable, but thats the problem im facing cuz i nvr had an OTB competition experience, plus the district lvl competition is only among schools. in fact, the judges doesnt care much about it :-( (from my 1st time experience). so im afraid that a quarrel might happen if my opponent doesnt know anything about the rules (since 90% dont know how to take NOTATIONS !!!) and i want to prevent that.

sorry for my bad english.

In short, yes, it is mandatory, otherwise, technically, it does not count and your opponent can ignore it. Your moderators may not treat it that way, but that is what is supposed to happen.


In my chess club, we are not allowed to talk during games as it disrupts a player's concentration. Instead, we are expected to have the reggae airhorn app installed on our phones and use it to signal a check