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Need help with Fritz 6

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    I want to use Fritz 6 to analyze games that I input myself, and set up positions manually to play against the engine (for endgame training, for instance). For the moment, it seems I can only play complete games against the engine?

    Any help most appreciated.

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    Whoa, been a long time, back in those days everything wasn't so user-friendly.  I seem to remember in some of those early versions you had to select the database function, and there was a menu item to enter a new game. 

    Since its interface was based on Chessbase, I'd guess there is an option to set up a position, too, you just have to find it.  There may be submenus on the buttons at the bottom or something in the file menu to get there, sorry I can't remember.

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    Here's a couple of reviews of Fritz 6, but these reviews don't answer your question.



    I'm sure this is possible to do in Fritz 6 somehow.  Alas, I no longer have a copy of that old program.  (And I don't wish to look for it and download it.  I COULD find my old Fritz 8 CD and attempt to reinstall that program, since the method in 8 is probably the same as in 6, but I don't wish to do that either.)

    Note that you MIGHT have to set up the position in a different program (WinBoard, for example) and then copy the FEN from that program and paste it into Fritz 6.

    Have you considered upgrading?  I'm pretty sure Fritz 6 doesn't support outside UCI engines.  That feature came about later.  The newer versions all support any UCI engine you choose, (Houdini, Stockfish, Rybka, Critter, etc.) in addition to a host of other new features.

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    need the user guide in english can anyone help

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    There are any number of free programs that can do those things trivially, too, for the record.  I know that's not what you asked.


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