need ideas for social event



I belong to a social club and we do every year some event that basically is a foundraising thing to collect money for charity and suport the spences of a non profit organization.

Every year the even is going biger and have more stuff arround, like some speakers that make speech on a topic (usually history), or a blood donation van, or some soldiers that bring a Hammer and show some army relate stuff... and so.

I want to do something chess related. So I can participate in some part of the whole event and also bring chess to people.

But I have no experience on this kind of things.

So my ideas so far can be a simutaneus and have kids bring their boards and play me (I am the best chess player on the block that I know of). Or the other idea is some tournament and have people come by and play (counting that I have not lots of spare clock arround)...

For the simultaneus thing, it would be way better if get some title player, but I really don't know how to aproach one. Or how much should he/she charge for the event, or so, have no idea about protocols for this matter.

I would appreciate any ideas relate to what kind of chess activity can be done that are cool and bring chess to be present on the event and how the logistics are behind it to make it suscefull.